About The School  

School Profile

It is my pleasure as the Principal of E. R. Appleby School to provide you with this profile of our school, its goals, and its unique characteristics. Appleby School is a moderately sized elementary school housing grades two through five. The current enrollment for the 2014/2015 school year is 459 students. Appleby School was originally constructed in 1953 with a small addition following shortly after that. Again, in 1957 and 1973 other sections were added to the building. Our media center was completed in 1996. Our most recent renovation, in 2004, involved the addition of a storage facility and some changes to existing classrooms.

Appleby School has 20 regular classrooms, ten small group instructional areas, a vocal music room, an instrumental music room, an art studio, a computer lab available for student use, a 3,500 square foot media center, and an all-purpose room.

Appleby School provides a comprehensive curriculum in the areas of social studies, science, language arts literacy, and mathematics. The curricular guides for each of these subject areas are available for inspection at anytime by contacting my office. Many guides are also accessible through the Spotswood Public Schools website. The Harcourt Brace Reading/Language Arts Program, Collections, provides our students in grades two through five with highly enjoyable, motivational, skill development experiences. This program navigates students through a developmental skills array for each grade level. Utilizing a wonderful variety of reading selections and language arts activities, the curriculum’s scope and sequence help ensure that our students of all ability levels are acquiring the requisite reading and language arts skills to successfully function at each grade level. Through the practice of guided reading and literature circles at different grade levels, Appleby students are reached at individual interest and ability levels. Appleby students are not only becoming more proficient readers and writers, they are also acquiring an appreciation for quality reading and writing pieces. Our math program, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s Math Expressions is aligned with the standards developed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. The program stresses the understanding and application of mathematical concepts as opposed to simply recalling information in isolation. Our Science instructional program is aimed at the goal of developing problem solving skills through hands on instruction.

The Appleby School community is also extremely proud of the accomplishments in the areas of music, art and drama. Our instrumental music program is a huge success. In third grade, students are introduced to the recorder. Many participate in “Recorder Karate” and master this instrument. All third graders perform in a recorder concert. Students are encouraged to participate in fourth or fifth grade band. For the 2014 – 2015 school year there are 128 fourth and fifth grade band members. Choral music is taught by way of a traditional music class and extracurricular activities. The Appleby students perform at various community events throughout the year. Both music programs stage several concerts during the school year to showcase the talents of the students. Each year the Appleby Drama Club gives a major public performance of a well-known and popular play. The Little Mermaid will be the fifth grade production for the spring of 2015.

Our computer lab is equipped with 28 personal computers, a printer and a PowerPoint projector. Teachers are encouraged to use the computer lab to enhance what is taught in the classrooms. There is also a computer area in the media center as well as two mobile laptop labs. Each classroom is equipped with at least one PC for use during instruction and is connected to the Internet. Classroom teachers also make use of the wireless laptops during center work in the classrooms. All second and third grade classrooms house five computers each for students to use during center work. All homerooms are currently equipped with state of the art Mimio carts with internet capability and projectors allowing white boards to become interactive.

The Enrichment Program at Appleby consists of: a pull-out program that addresses the needs of approximately 3% of the student body, a newspaper program (The Appleby Buzz) for students who enjoy writing, and a math program for students who show a special strength or interest in math.

We at Appleby School are dedicated to meeting the goals set forth in the mission statement for the Spotswood Public School System:

“The Spotswood Public School District is dedicated to excellence in education by inspiring and challenging our students to achieve their full potential while becoming productive citizens of the global community.”

Our goal is to help our students to develop as independent thinkers, effective communicators and lifelong learners with personal responsibility and good moral character. We encourage our children to challenge themselves to meet the highest expectations. You may contact me at kboyle@spotswood.k12.nj.us.